Spring Weddings

Tulips are blooming everywhere and they're looking gorgeous. With so many different colours and styles, tulips will make a beautiful and elegant addition to your big day.

These striped beauties made an appearance in my front garden, which inspired me to check out tulip-themed weddings.

From mid-March to May, tulips make stunning bouquets and centrepieces, and with so many different colours to choose from, they will match your colour scheme perfectly.

Grand centrepieces can be created keeping their long stems...

Or more intimate and smaller arrangements can be set for your tables.

Here are some other places to display your tulips, such as on top of table napkins which can double up as delicate wedding favours for your guests.

And also on the sides of your ceremony chairs to decorate the aisle with.

And why not keep your tulip theme going by adding them to a gorgeous 'naked' wedding cake.

The official wedding colour for 2018 is Pantone's 'Ultra Violet', so if this is your colour scheme, consider hiring our matching Taffeta Chair Bows for your wedding reception.

Happy wedding planning!


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